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Don’t be fuelish

In this day of energy saving, many times we leave our gadgets Mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players, Cameras, Laptops etc with charger plugged in overnight. Lets check if this is a major waste of energy..

I just saw a commercial on television, sponsored by some kind of environmentalist group. They claimed that a cell phone charger or any charging unit plugged into an outlet was “wasting energy” even when there was NOTHING attached to it. Is it possible to draw energy with nothing attached?

Because there is current being drawn from it. The power converter of your cell phone is constantly turning the AC power from your wall to the DC power that your cell phone requires for charging. The same is true for any object with a power converter (those bulky boxes between the device and the wall, sometimes plugged in directly to the wall). Common devices include laptops, some stereos, speakers, etc.