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Microsoft Extending Support

Exciting news huh? Well, unfortunately for those of you tuning in from a Windows XP machine, no, Microsoft did not extend XP’s support any further. XP is set to die in August of 2014; this means that Microsoft will no longer give updates to the already out dated operating system. What they did extend was support for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

So what does all this news mean? Well at this point it means that if you get that Windows 7 upgrade in now you will have at least 8 more years of support from Microsoft. This support is what keeps your operating system secure. If you hang on to Windows XP past its extended support date you risk serious security problems. Taking bets now on how quickly XP will be overrun with Malware, spyware, etc! That’s right; it’s a pretty safe bet that as soon as support ends hackers will be working overtime trying to get around the unsupported operating system.

Now is the time to get that upgrade in! We’ve been saying this for a long time and time is starting to run out. In some cases depending on your computer it may be more cost effective to replace your computer altogether while you’re in the process.

If you would like some prices for a new computer or are curious what the process is on upgrading your computer don’t hesitate to call us!

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