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Angry Birds Meets Facebook

That’s right one of the worlds most loved mobile apps is going to Facebook. Angry Birds which first debuted in on iOS devices in December of 2009 is now making the move to one of the world’s leading websites.

The new version of Angry Birds is going to offer social network goers some more features not included on the Mobile or other Internet platforms. Angry Birds on Facebook will offer power-ups to allow players to beef up their arsenal against the competition. While Angry Birds is free to play however, the power ups are not. Power-ups can be purchased at the rate of 20 per 1$.

There are some users that are not to terribly happy with the new version however. Many people are saying that this should have been designed on HTML5 code rather than Adobes Flash Player 11. Guess it goes to show that Adobes not entirely out of the game yet…

If you are interested in playing the game you can check it out here.

If you just want to read more about the new game click here.