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Microsoft Shaking Up Windows 10 For 2-in-1 Devices

Windows 10: The Good, The Bad, & The Better

Microsoft has really pushed Windows 10 to the forefront and continue to make regular quality of life changes. New features are frequent and – solely from a user perspective – a pretty positive experience. From an IT point of view, Windows 10 has been one headache after another. Incompatible updates temporarily causing software issues are more frequent than ever. Most users don’t have to experience that side of things, so we will approach these changes focusing on how they will impact the user.

Now, quality changes and improvements are frequent, but not all of them have been disruptive. They continue to surprise me as some things are refreshing, like adding a dark menu mode.

The user interface has been, and continues to be, a huge area of focus for Microsoft.

Up to this point, Windows 10 has had two different modes: the traditional desktop mode and the tablet mode. Most 2-in-1 devices, like the Microsoft Surface, have had the ability to change back and forth between the two modes based on how you need to use it at the time.

This has been mostly successful, and allows the user to truly use the device as either a tablet or laptop.

So what changes can be made to make it better?

How About A Tablet Mode Makeover?

Microsoft announced an entirely new version of Windows 10 specifically for 2-in-1 devices. The designs and changes are both cosmetic and functional.

Microsoft is in its early insider testing phase, but just knowing how the OS will function is an exciting prospect. While many features are being added that were favorites from Windows 8, perhaps the best change is that switching from desktop-style mode to the tablet mode is done automatically when the keyboard is removed from the device.

The new version of the tablet experience will differ too. It will now keep the full task bar and menu, keeping the look similar to that of a desktop. Don’t worry though, you can still save space. The search bar can become an icon, keeping things a little cleaner when you are using the device tablet style.

While Windows 10 hasn’t been perfect, Microsoft keeps trying to give users the best experience possible.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)