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Microsoft’s new FREE risk assessment tool.

Microsoft has just released its latest tool that is able to give you a better understanding of the impact of change  in any aspect to your operating system. This tool is call Attack Surface Analyzer, and it does just what it says.  It has just been released in as a beta. This software will aide in identifying vulnerabilities that are not known. They released this to help software developers and IT professionals better understand changes in the Windows systems’ attack surface resulting from the installation of new applications.

This tool is recommended to be installed on a new system, this will allow for a good baseline of Windows to be taken. Any changes can now be easily documented by the Attack Surface Analyzer by running a scan after installing any software. This tool is not another vulnerability scanner that looks for known vulnerabilities. Instead it focuses on weaknesses that exist in the host operating system. It comes equipped with a wizard that will assist users through the scanning and analysis process.
Attack Surface Analyzer is built for Microsoft operating system starting at Windows 7 and later, this includes Server 2008 and above as well. You can still use this tool in older operating system, but you can only use the command line interface.