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Netflix Changes Encoding of Video Streams

NetflixChanges to streams will offer relief to data-capped Comcast customers.

By reencoding its entire library, Netflix is optimizing the bitrate at which it sends video streams to you on a per-title basis. This will reduce the size of the stream, providing data-capped Comcast customers a more enjoyable viewing experience — without using up their available data. This move will also allow customers that have lower Internet speeds to experience less “buffering” and better picture quality.

Netflix has been working with and without Comcast for the past few years in an attempt to provide the best service for its customers. From the start, Comcast has restricted Netflix traffic across its networks. In 2014, shortly after Comcast acquired Time Warner, Comcast and Netflix reached an agreement that removed the restrictions from the network.

The reencoding is sure to have added benefits for Netflix as well, such as saving the company money over time and allowing for easier emergence into new markets that do not offer high-speed Internet access.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)