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Stay Powered Up!

Every day thousands of computer users’ lose power, and have no preventative solution in place to protect them.  Power spikes, surges, and outages can cause major problems on your network if you are not protecting the infrastructure from such a problem.  Not only is physical damage to your equipment at stake, but you also run the risk of losing your unsaved work, and valuable data if it’s not backed up.  Three words come to mind,  uninterruptible power supply aka UPS.  A UPS can be your best friend in a major thunderstorm, or some kind of electrical event if implemented.

So what is a UPS anyway?  The UPS acts as a battery backup to provide power to your computer or other critical hardware when a power problem occurs.  There are typically two kinds of UPSs, which are standby, or continuous.  The standby is activated within milliseconds when it detects a power failure, while the continuous UPS is always on, getting power from your AC outlet plugged into a wall.  Either is a super effective way to ensure the proper time to save any of your unsaved work, and properly power down your computer network.