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Netflix Raises Subscription Fee’s Good or Bad?

Netflix Subscribers could be looking for an alternative source for their movie streaming and DVD rentals.  Netflix has sent out an e-mail to all subscribers telling of their plan to raise prices of their streaming and DVD services.  Currently subscribers are paying $9.99 to watch an unlimited number of movies online and rent 1 DVD at-a-time (other subscription plans include receiving multiple DVDs at-a-time).  Subscribers who want this combination will now have to pay a total of $15.98 a month.  That is $7.99 for Netflix instant streaming and $7.99 to receive DVDs in the mail (1 at-a-time).  Reactions to Netflix’s biggest-ever price increases were swift and overwhelmingly negative.  More than 10,000 people had responded to the news on Netflix’s Facebook page by late Tuesday, nearly all of them critical.  Will Netflix keep this price change?  Or will they lower their prices to satisfy consumers?