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FBI Coordinated Raids Take Down Scareware Scammers

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has been working with the authorities in eleven other countries to take down scareware scammers.  The effort dubbed ‘Operation Trident Tribunal’ has seized more than 40 computers being used to host Web pages and fake scans designed to scare people into believing they needed to purchase bogus security software to clean their systems.

“Today’s operation targets cyber crime rings that stole millions of dollars from unsuspecting computer users,” said the FBI Criminal Division’s Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer, in a statement. “These criminal enterprises infected the computers of innocent victims with malicious scareware, and then duped them into purchasing fake anti-virus software. Cyber crime is profitable, and can prey upon American consumers and companies from nearly any corner of the globe. We will continue to be aggressive and innovative in our approach to combating this international threat.”

More than $72 million have been collected by these scareware scam artists from its victims of innocent Computer users.  You should avoid putting in any personal information into any program or website that asks you for sensitive data if you are unsure of the form you are filling out.  It is likely you may be the next victim of this type of cyber-crime.  If you suspect your Computers have been infected with a fake Anti-Virus program it is best to shut off the machine and have the Computer inspected by a PC technician or a friend or family member who have experience in removing Computer Virus.