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No More True Unlimited Data Plans Says Verizon

Verizon, the world’s leading cellphone service company has now decided it’s going to take back what it has told its loyal subscribers. The Unlimited Data plan that everyone was supposedly grandfathered into are going to be no more. Verizon’s current CFO Fran Shammo, said the company plans to force its existing unlimited data plan customers to move to a tiered offering this summer in an effort to drive more data revenue for the wireless carrier.

Many Verizon customers are completely outraged with this as Verizon has nickel and dimed its customers to death the last year or so. First they put a charge in place “for the convenience” of being able to pay their bill online (Something no one else does), then they just within the last month put a $30 per phone line charge for upgrading your phone in place (this used to be a $30 discount which was intended as a benefit to keep you coming back to Verizon and renewing your contract), and now they want to do away with their Unlimited data customers plans (which all unlimited data plan customers were told they were grandfathered into once Verizon even spoke of tiered plans on their network).

Sounds to me like Verizon may be losing a lot of customers as this may be the straw to break the camel’s back…

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