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Nokia to Leave Mobile Industry

This year it seemed that Nokia may survive in the mobile industry after releasing the Lumina 920 and selling it quite successfully. However here in 2013 there will be a large movement in the mobile industry. Nokia will not be able to keep up and their departure from the mobile industry will be some of the largest news. It looks as if Nokia will be selling the mobile assets to Microsoft or Huawei. It is only speculation but most of the mobile assets will be sold to Microsoft and the remaining telecom interest will go to Huawei. It would be interesting to see what Microsoft could do with a mobile business. Nokia has reported six quarterly losses in a row and it is unlikely that they will stay a float. It is hard to believe one of the original manufacturers of cell phones will be out of the game. In early 2011 Nokia was rumored to be sold to Microsoft however Nokia denied all of these claims.