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Picture Passwords

As many of you have heard by now Windows has been working on their new operating system “Windows 8”. While I still do not feel this is going to be a very business friendly operating system due to drastic changes in the layout/design, I do think Microsoft is coming up with some good ideas to build off of.

As the title states, once of the new technologies Microsoft is testing for possible release with the new operating system is the use of picture passwords. These “Passwords” can be personalized using your own pictures rather than a predefined group of pictures. Being able to use your own personal pictures, such as a family portrait, allows users to make unique and hard to guess picture passwords.

The way the password is designed to work at this point is by allowing a user to draw three separate images (either tapping on the screen, drawing a line, or drawing a circle) on the picture with their finger for touchscreen devices or with the mouse for computers to allow access to the computer. Users can use this alongside a normal password to make their computer more secure. This not only records what you have drawn on the image but the order you did it in as well as the direction of your drawing strokes.

One thing is for sure, Microsoft is developing some great technology that will improve overall security (though I still have my doubts about the operating system as a whole).

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