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Facebook Proposes Using Solar Powered Drone

c785676_mThe world famous networking site Facebook has taken on a new project that could potentially skyrocket its usage and site traffic. Facebook’s plan is to send 11,000 Titan Aerospace drones into the stratosphere. There they will orbit the earth and incessantly provide the earth with wireless internet access at all times. . The total cost for the drones is around $60 million, a fraction of what they paid for the ‘Whatsapp’ messaging application. Though they might say it is solely for the good of humanity, and that the project was a product of kindness of their hearts, it is an extraordinary business opportunity that would only enable their company to grow exponentially. With that being said, $60 million is a menial price for the potential expansion that the drones could generate.

Some say that Facebook is trying to copy Google’s Project Loon Balloon, but in actuality, it’s a response. In any way it is presented, these two enterprises are the only ones to make such a substantial technological advancement and at this point are light-years ahead of all other companies because of this leap. Reports suggest that commercials and other advertisements will commence sometime in early 2015. When asked why the project was originally created he stated, “Instead of the intensive, intrusive labor of digging trenches and laying pipes, just send more drones up in the air to bring more homes online.”

(Image Source: iCLIPART)