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Samsung Gear VR Headset On Its Way

c155410_mSamsung Gear VR Headset

Samsung has its fingers in nearly every tech market, and now their getting in on the virtual reality headset craze.  The Samsung Gear VR is possibly set to debut at IFA 2014 this September, the headset will offer mobile gamers an immersive gaming experience such as Oculus Rift.

According to Sammobile, the Gear VR will be powered by a user’s high-end smartphone such as Samsung’s own Galaxy S5 or the rumored Galaxy Note 4. The headset will likely use an internal AMOLED screen to display content and will rely on your smartphone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to track your movements. The Gear VR may also require a wired connection to your smartphone in order to ensure there is no lag between the headset and your device, which could ruin the VR experience.

Exactly what apps will be available for the Gear VR is still an unknown, though Sammobile claims that Samsung will set aside a dedicated section of its app store for the headset, as it did for its Gear watches.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)