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Seagate replacing High-end Drives

Seagate, one of the world’s biggest hard drive providers showcased a number of high end drives it intends to market to laptop manufacturers. Seagate would like to see its third generation hybrid drives in high end laptops in 2013 rather than what used to be standard in mass produced high end laptops their 7200 RPM mechanical drives.

In recent years hard drives have been making a steady transition over to solid state drives (SSD). Solid state drives give huge improvements on file access speeds allowing computers to run much faster since the hard drives act more closely to RAM in a SSD.

While hybrid drives are not the same thing as solid state drives they can give similar benefits. A Hybrid drive combines both SSD and mechanical drive technology to provide a area of the drive for files that need to be accessed quickly and another area on the drive for files that just need to be stored. What results from this is a fast performing drive at a fraction of the cost of a true SSD.

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