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Samsung Showcases 2 Terabyte SSD’s

Samsung 2TB SSDSamsung releases two versions of a 2 TB SSD to the market.

Love your SSD, but starting to feel like space is becoming a little cramped? Well, check out Samsung’s latest product releases: the EVO 850 and 850 PRO. Both models maintain the same 7 mm / 2.5 inch drive size as previous EVO drives. Both drives also come with 128 individual 32-layer 128 GB 3D V-NAND flash chips. One big difference, however, is that the EVO 850 series drives have an upgraded Hi-Po MHX controller that not only supports your newly found 2 TB of storage, but also 20 nm-class process technology using 4 GB LPDDR3 DRAM chips.

Un-Soo Kim, Senior Vice-President of Branded Product Marketing for Samsung, reports: “Samsung experienced surge in demand for 500GB and higher capacity SSDs with the introduction of our V-NAND SSDs. The release of the 2TB SSD is a strong driver into the era of multi-terabyte SSD solutions.” Kim also announced the future is yet to come, stating: “We will continue to expand our ultra-high performance and large density SSD product portfolio and provide a new computing experience to users around the globe.”

What is this newfound space going to run? Grab your checkbook. The EVO 850 is starting at $800 and the PRO version is starting at $1000. But, wait, there’s more! With the EVO 850 model, you also get a 3 year / 150 TBW warranty and the EVO 850 PRO comes with a 5 year / 300 TBW warranty. Whichever comes first, of course.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)