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Solitaire Back Where It Belongs

Solitaire Windows 10Solitaire has returned; Microsoft has listened to the masses.

Solitaire players rejoice. Windows 10 will usher in the rebirth of the built-in games. Unlike Windows 8, where you had to download and install the game from the app store, solitaire will once again be preinstalled in the operating system. There is no final decision if Minesweeper and Hearts are going to make the list of built-in games, but one can only cross their fingers while we wait.

Microsoft has also paid attention to customer concerns in other areas. The start menu will be back in full force and the power button is back where it belongs – on the start menu. A technical release has added mail and calendar apps along with improvements to the taskbar, Action Center and Virtual Desktop.

If you would like to preview Windows 10 before retail release, click here.

With no official release date yet for Windows 10, you can’t help but feel the energy and excitement building.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)