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Share Files Easily With Friends Using File Stork

If you’re a fan of Dropbox but don’t have friends who share the same feelings about it as you, and don’t feel like installing a new program.  Here is where File Stork comes in.  File Stork works alongside of Dropbox to deliver secure ways of sending files to friends or family, and setup is easy! It’s so easy in fact that no software is needed to install at all.  Simply go to and click the “Get Started” button.  From there just connect with your Dropbox account then send a request for files. Give the unique link to your friend/family member you are sharing files with.  (As an option you can password protect the link as well so not just anyone can have access to upload files.) Have the person upload their files, and once they are finished being uploaded they will then be accessible to you from your Dropbox account. And if you have Dropbox installed on your PC at home, the files will then automatically transfer to your PC as well.