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StoreDot Nanotechnology Charges Phone In 30 Seconds

??????An Israeli based company named StoreDot is in the process of making the inconvenience of charging your phone from a nightmare, to a miraculous dream. Though the company is placed far out of our reach, they are going to bring this revolutionary technology to us. This life changing development came from research of Alzheimer’s disease. They found that certain molecules in the brain that “shorten” neurons are also a great conductor for an electrical charge.  These new artificial peptides are predicted to create chaos for preexisting multi-billion dollar companies that produce: batteries, displays, image sensors, and non-volatile memory.

The CEO of StoreDot, Doron Myersdorf, stated that they are turning toward the implementation of their new discovery in smartphones to supersede current technologies such as light speed charging batteries, and flexible, energy-efficient displays. The job of the NanoDots is to cover “cavities” of electrodes in current batteries in order to supercharge its reactive surface thus allowing its ability to increase exponentially. In simplest terms, it creates a buffer, that stores electrical current, and then allows it to stream into the lithium. StoreDot also states that it plans to soon get rid of lithium altogether in batteries. This world rocking company has many other potential uses, for example they are planning to make both LCD and LED screens for cell phones also. Given all of its positive factors, the only negative thing about this project is that these new items will cost twice as much as the originals.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)