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Mobile Charging With Apples And Potatoes

Intrigued Londoners looked on today as a smartphone's battery was charged by a strange contraption made of 800 apples and potatoes connected with hundreds of nails and lengths of copper wire. The art installation was created outside the Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush, essentially just a large-scale version of the classroom science experiment where a…

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USB Upgrades To 3.1

USB is the industry standard for so many computer peripherals and smart devices these days, with backwards compatibility being one of the best features. The downside to that longevity as a standard, it did not see any change in size for the smaller. And who hasn’t spent time switching a USB plug around because it…

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No Power No Problem

Inventors from all over have been using a website called Kickstarter to bring much needed funding to new products they are designing. The ideas is that if someone needs money to work on a project they can pitch their idea via this website and potentially gain the funding for the project provided they meet their…

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