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The Importance of E-mail Archiving

So I’m sure at one point or another we have all heard the words archiving relating to email, but a surprisingly high number of users’ are not even educated on this.  A number of computer users’ abroad use mail clients such as Outlook, OE, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, Eudora, and yes even Apple Mail to sync their personal and/or business related email accounts all to one centralized location.  The problem lies in the demand for storage space by some of these mail clients.  With some of the mail clients, you are limited to a certain amount of data in a given folder.  What is happening is email is being dumped in order to fill the demand for storage in the folder.

For example, a client of ours was using Outlook Express, and could not figure out why months and months of random emails were suddenly disappearing from his folders.  I immediately found the problem, which was due to each of the folders were at their max capacity for storage, which is GB for OE.  After consulting with the client on this, I suggested an archiving solution to free up those folders, and make room for the new mail to come in without losing what they already had.

Remember not all mail clients have a limit, but some do and in this case the client was familiar with the client, and did not want to change or upgrade.  So archiving works beautifully, and not only have we prevented his email from being lost in the future, we’ve increased performance for the application, and even added some rest assurance that his important emails are safe and backed up.  For an extra piece of mind, users could even have their email archives sent to a secure off-site backup. If you’re curious to know more about e-mail archiving, give this a try.