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Tired of being tracked or harassed with distractions on the Internet.

There are two browser extensions that that can make your browsing experience much more enjoyable. These extensions are available in the popular browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. They can be easily configured to block unwanted tackers, scripts, or even videos and audio.

Ghostery is a browser extension that blocks trackers. You can choose to have this run in the background or you can have it display exactly what it is blocking at every site. This can be changed at anytime as well. This blocks a lot of trackers such as: CBS Interactive, Google Analytics, Double Click, Dynamic Logic, Media Mind, ScoreCard Research Beacon. This can be helpful if you enjoy your privacy while browsing the Internet.

ScriptNo is another browsing extension that blocks scripts and auto-plays and much more. You can fine tune any options including allowing or not allowing different HTML objects such as: Script, Objects, Embed, IFrames, Audio, Video, as well as blocking cookies or user info from being viewed. You can go as far to spoof your browser and OS this can be handy to hide information that could be used against you.

With the combination of these two extensions you browsing can be customized and much more anonymous. After using these and realizing how much you are watched in everyday browsing you will never go back.