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Library of Congress Now Storing all Tweets

The Library of Congress has announced earlier this year that they will begin storing all twitter feeds. If you do not know already the Library of Congress is a place that information is stored like any other library. However this is America’s library and they also store things that document basically anything relating to our anthropology since America was built.

They have decided to begin saving all tweets as part of this. It will be interesting to see what people think of our culture in 50, 100, or even 1,000 years from now. Twitter made all of this possible with the on-going microblog function that Twitter offers.

Here are a few Tweets from some more well-know people, which is just a sample of what people from many years from now may see:

Justin Timberlake wrote: “Wreck-It Ralph is incredible. Whole cast is so good!!! @SarahKSilverman is genius in it. Like… Way too good.”

Joel McHale wrote: “I hope you know you are my & @TheSoup’s staff favorite. RT @KhloeKardashian: The Soup is so funny to me”

Jake Tapper wrote: “Personally would have preferred it if @SpeakerBoehner had gone old school with his insult, e.g., “You Yeasty Dog-Hearted Apple-John!”

Jim Stingl wrote: “@jasonbohn9 I really did try to tweet the photo right side up, but it wasn’t cooperating. Think of it as extreme voting.”

Jillian Michaels wrote: “Eat @popchips & #PartyEveryday. ENTER & u could win a 60-inch HDTV: …”

Jerry Seinfeld wrote: “Cannot take anymore movie posters with the annoyed person and the ‘oblivious they’re being annoying’ person. #soannoying”