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Updating AVG 7.5 to 8.0

As of 5/31/08, Grisoft will stop releasing updates to the 7.5 version of its free anti-virus program. You will need to upgrade to the new free version which is 8.0. Unfortunately it will not be as easy as just downloading the new one and installing it over your old version, but it isn’t all that difficult either. You will first need to uninstall your current version. The best way to do this would be to go to Start>Control Panel. Once the Control Panel opens look for Add/Remove Programs and double click the icon. After the Add/Remove programs screen comes up you will want to look for AVG 7.5.

When you click the “Change/Remove” button it will open the uninstall wizard. Follow the prompts and accept the defaults until uninstall is complete and it asks you to restart your computer. Allow your computer to reboot and when it comes back navigate to Click on the “Download AVG Free 8.0” Button and hit Run. After the download completes the installation wizard will appear. Accept the defaults and click “next/accept” until file copying begins. After the files are copied the installation will start. Pick “Standard Installation” and click next to continue. Fill in information where it is requested and continue to hit next until you reach the Setup Summary screen. Hit the “Finish” button to finish the installation.

Once the installation is complete it will bring up a window called “Configure your AVG Protection.” It will walk you through setting up a scan schedule, configuring the AVG toolbar, and your first update.

Once you complete this, your installation is complete and configured. You can look forward to free protection for a while before we have to do this again. If you need any further assistance be sure to call us at 734-457-5000 and one of our world class service technicians would love to help you with any trouble you run across.