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Free Android Apps can cost you your privacy.

Many people now use some sort of device that has an Android operating system on it. If you have one of these devices chances are that you are familiar with apps from the market or as it is known now as Google Play.

Most apps you will get are free. A good majority of these apps can be trusted, however they come with advertising. Any permissions that the app requires the advertisements are privileged to as well. This means that if your app has the permission to see contacts or read messages the advertisement may collect this data as well. Advertisements also aide in draining your battery, this is more of a nuisance than a privacy risk.

The current and only solution to mitigate these threats are to not download any apps that contain advertisements. The problem lies in the libraries. The ad libraries are combined with the application libraries, and in some cases the ad libraries have a dynamic-code loading capability that is often abused by malware to escape detection. There needs to be an isolation of libraries to more easily control our information.