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USB Upgrades To 3.1

USB is the industry standard for so many computer peripherals and smart devices these days, with backwards compatibility being one of the best features. The downside to that longevity as a standard, it did not see any change in size for the smaller. And who hasn’t spent time switching a USB plug around because it only fits a certain way. It’s time for this industry standard to be upgraded; Enter USB 3.1.

USB 3.1 is an update the existing USB 3.0 platform, only it has some cool new designs that none of it’s predecessors have had. With USB 3.1 the actual plug itself is brand new, and it’s known by the name Type-C connector. This connector will offer a much smaller form factor (about the size of a micro USB plug) and it will offer reversible compatibility for the plug itself.

USB 3.1 has an impressive data transfer speed upgrade, increasing their maximum speeds to 10 Gbps. Pair that with the increase of power output, 100 watts worth, and you can charge more devices faster than from one computer.

It’s great to see the design factor be a part of the update to the USB family tree, however it does raise some concern for how durable these new plugs will be. If it is easily broken or the contacts wear out quickly and fall out often, it will not be a popular plug. It remains to be made public what this new plug will look like, after the new year we should start to see this making it’s way into world.