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Windows 7 Growing More Popular

Windows 7 has just passed Windows XP as the most used operating system on computers. We have been talking about Windows 7 and how it has slowly been replacing Windows XP over the years but now it is the most widely used OS.

Windows XP has been aging in the recent years very quickly. There are constantly new security holes found within Windows XP and due to the way the OS is written there is only so much Microsoft can do to secure the OS. That being said, Microsoft has slated Windows XP support to end on April 8th 2014.

Since Microsoft is preparing to end support for their OS its time you did as well. If you prepare now and begin migrating over your companies machines you can plan for a smooth transition. The major problem with waiting is that without support, Windows XP will be a sitting duck. Any new exploits for it will not be patched by Microsoft because they expect everyone to be migrated over to the new operating system. So, from a security standpoint, making the transition over to a newer OS is a must.

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