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Windows XP: The End of an Era

Since Windows XP’s Release it has been and still is currently the most used operating system. Surveys are beginning to show that XP’s hold on that market share is slipping. Windows XP was at its highest usage ever roughly one year ago peaking out at about 62% of the operating system market share. Since then however, XP’s market share has been dropping several percentage points each month. This month XP is sitting right around 51%.

So what does this mean to you? Absolutely nothing…unless of course you want to have a more secure operating system and want to have support for it if something goes awry. The current operating Windows 7 has been shown to be more than five times as secure as XP. With Microsoft discontinuing Windows XP’s extended support in a little less than three years (4/8/2014) it’s time to start planning that upgrade.

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