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Watch YouTube Videos With Friends On Google Hangouts

One of the best new ways to share YouTube videos with friends is with Google+ Hangout feature.Hangout’s let you do video and voice chatting with your friends and now you are able to embed a YouTube video in your conversations.

How to watch YouTube Videos on Google Plus hangout with friends?

  1. Start a Hangout session and invite friends.
  2. Visit YouTube’s live stream page and select a feed.
  3. Copy the YouTube video I.D. of the stream.
  4. Search for the I.D. in the Hangouts video tab.
  5. Once the stream is found, click play.

This is cumbersome, and is not how Google intends for the feature to be used in the future. Instead, live streams will be added to Hangout’s existing YouTube tab.This feature is planned to be updated in the future.

If your already a member of Google+ why not give it a try?