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Amazon’s Alexa Coming To Windows

Welcome To Windows, Alexa! Microsoft has Cortana, its built-in digital assistant included in Windows 10 operating systems. Apple has Siri, its own digital assistant. Then, of course, there is Amazon’s Alexa. Which, unless you have been living under a rock, might be the most well known digital assistant thanks to Amazon’s marketing campaigns and the…

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Introducing: Amazon Dash

The Amazon Dash button provides yet another clever way to shop. Dash, a stick-on Wi-Fi button, is great for brands, but a loss for consumers as it creates brand-specific shoppers who fail to compare prices. In theory, it sounds great. You stick a Dash button on your Keurig, press it when you're almost out of K-cups, and…

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Amazon’s New Fire Phone

Amazon's phone on fire! There’s a new competitor in the cut-throat world of smartphones and that competitor is already the largest e-commerce company out there. Amazon announced on June 16, 2014 that it would be introducing the Fire phone a phone that promises 3D viewing, seamless integration with practically everything around you, efficient one handed…

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