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The Echo Auto, Putting Alexa In Your Car

echo“Hey Alexa” is a phrase that is garnering more and more capability. At home, you can use Alexa for all sorts of things using Amazon Echo, the Echo Dot, fire TV with Alexa, and an expanding network of devices.

Lights? TV? No problem! Setting up multiple devices and connecting them all in an easy-to-use app is a great feature.

Now, we can have Alexa with us on our ride home.

Minus the obvious voice options like playing music or podcasts, what else could you do with Alexa in your car?

The options all depend on your setup and creativity.

If you have your thermostat at home set up with Alexa, you can adjust it with your voice on your way home. You can update your to-do or grocery lists, listen to the news, and more. There are a ton of options!

So who is interested?

Apparently, a lot of people. Amazon reports that it has sold over 1 million units of the Echo Auto on preorder. 1 million preorders for an aftermarket car product is unheard of.

What’s even more impressive is that Amazon only allowed 1 million preorders. The preorders up to this point have been by invite only, making the feat extremely impressive.

The device itself is about the size of a credit card and can be connected via an aux jack or through the Bluetooth of an existing smartphone. This makes it a usable piece of technology for most car owners, even if only through your phone.

The Echo Auto should be making its way out to preorders soon and will be available for everyone later this year.

(Image source: iCLIPART)