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Dropbox Hacked

Offsite storage company “Dropbox” recently had a number of users accounts compromised. In an investigation by Dropbox they found that a number of users had their accounts hacked into due to their users using the same information for their Dropbox account as they used on another account elsewhere. Many users have a habit of using the…

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Who Killed Sneakernet

For decades up until recently many IT professionals, businesses, and home users alike utilized “Sneakernet”. What is Sneakernet you ask? Sneakernet is what refers to someone taking a floppy disk, CD/DVD, or USB flash drive or hard drive from one computer to the other to transfer data between them. In the past many people did…

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Google Drive Coming Next Week!

Google is finally releasing their cloud drive storage. It is widely rumored to be available next week. Google Drive will provide all users with about 5GB of storage. It is rumored to give an additional 20GB of storage $5 dollars a year. There is already a desktop application created by a Google partner for Google drive.…

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