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Sync Your Files between All Computers Using Dropbox!

If You’re the type of person who emails files to yourself in order to transfer them on another computer and open them, or maybe you want to share large files but can’t with the limited 10Mb you get from email storage.  Why not try Dropbox?

Dropbox will give you 2GB of storage space in which you can save your files of any size, or type with their basic.  Easily share pictures with friends or family of your family vacation, or that important mid-term paper.  Dropbox will also allow you to sync your files (In the cloud) so you can access them from anywhere on the web.  Dropbox is available on Mac, Linux, and Windows.  You can even have your files on the go!  They have mobile versions for the iPad/iPhone, and Android that sync with your computer as well so you will never be without your important file again.