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Google Drive Coming Next Week!

Google is finally releasing their cloud drive storage. It is widely rumored to be available next week. Google Drive will provide all users with about 5GB of storage. It is rumored to give an additional 20GB of storage $5 dollars a year.

There is already a desktop application created by a Google partner for Google drive. The app will be available to Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Also the domain exists however nothing is there except a text file and a little evidence that Google Drive will be available for mobile devices.

The great thing about Google Drive is that it already has a massive user base. This will be easy to persuade users to use Google for their cloud storage needs. Google Drive will also integrate into existing Google products. Another features rumored to be included is file syncing. This means when you update a file it replicated the changes across all devices it is saved on. There are still many more features to be seen, so be on the lookout next week for Google Drive.