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New Executive Order To Stop Hackers

President Barack Obama is taking aim at "malicious cyber actors" who attempt to profit from digital attacks on US interests. An executive order announced Wednesday authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of State and Attorney General to impose sanctions on cyberattackers hacking into the networks of US companies or government agencies. The White House aims to…

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Cyber Crime Big Business

A new study just released by Symantec shows that over the last 12 months cyber crime has cost consumers and businesses alike upwards of $110 billion. While this figure may seem quite high the average cost per person that becomes infected is roughly $197 and when looking at figures from within the United States it…

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Cyber Attacks in America

In the past months especially attack attempts on corporations and home users alike have been on the rise. With large corporations like Sony, Google, and even RSA, a company whose business is network security, how are you supposed to defend your company and its intellectual data? Well according to many articles out that talk about…

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