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Internet Explorer 12

The next version of Internet Explorer  might look more like the competition rather than a retooled version of itself. Scheduled to debut in Windows 9 and codenamed "Threshold", Internet Explorer 12 (IE12) is said to look like a "cross between Chrome and Firefox" as part of a massive overhaul to the user interface that will…

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New IE Exploit Blocked

Internet Explorer is once again a target of hackers, and probably always will be since its required for Windows updates to work properly. Microsoft just released a “quick fix” for vulnerability in the older versions of its browser (included with Windows XP and older computers most new computers should be on IE 9 or IE…

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IE10 Coming Soon to Windows 7

IE10 has a number of advantages over its predecessor. The first major improvement is while Windows 8 is designed to be a touchscreen heavy operating system, Windows 7 was not, but, IE10 is going to be bringing some touchscreen functionality to Windows 7 machines with hardware that support the touchscreen functionality. One other upside of IE10,…

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