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Internet Explorer 9 Released Candidate finally released.

Internet Explorer 9 has officially launched as the latest and greatest browser from Microsoft. IE9 introduces a new streamlined interface, improved performance, Windows 7 integration, and more!

Special features

New Interface:  The first thing you will notice with IE9 is the complete redesign on the web browser.  Microsoft has gotten rid of the standard menu bar and bookmarks, as well as moved the tabs to the side of the address bar rather than underneath.

New Tab page: Select a new tab in IE9 and you get a page of suggested Website links based on your browsing history.

One box search and address: The search box and the address bar are one in the same. Type a search in the box and your default browser will return your results.

Pinned sites: Drag the address of a Website from the address bar to the Taskbar and you can pin it there so it is available next time.  Also known as an “web-app”

Windows 7 integration: Internet Explorer 9 integrates with Windows 7 operating system with regard to features like snap and jump lists for pinned Websites on the Taskbar.

InPrivate Browsing: By entering into the InPrivate Browsing mode, a user can surf the Web without creating a browsing history, temporary Internet files, form data or retaining cookie information.

HTML5 Support: IE9 adds several compelling features to support HTML5, SVG, CSS3, ECMAScripty5, and DOM that will help enable developers to write one set of markup and know that it will work and look the same in all modern browsers