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Google Search Fights Piracy

The search game is changing as Google makes a concentrated¬†effort to cut down on music piracy while simultaneously helping to promote legitimate download sites like Netflix and Google Play. In keeping with its transparent theme, Google spelled out some specific changes it's making (and has already made) to Search in an updated How Google Fights…

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Google Will Not Budge on Piracy

Google the search engine giant has had a lot of requests to exclude and "piracy sites" from the results. Google has been hit with over 30 million requests to take down URL's that contain copyrighted content from British Recorded Music Industry (BPI). Google denies many of these requests because BPI is mostly Spamming Google to…

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No more ads for Piracy Sites

Google and other advertisement companies have decided that sites that host pirated content will not be able to take advantage of advertisements from larger companies. Sites that host pirated content have a lot of traffic and also generate a lot of money from the adverts on theirs sites. A study at The University of Southern…

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