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Search Providers Accused of Funding Piracy

There are a number of search providers that have recently been accused of funding piracy. Both Google and Yahoo are accused of funding pirate sites. While there is no way to tell that they are actually cutting a check to the individual pirate sites that have their ads on them it certainly does look very suspicious.

In recent years organizations that have been trying to fight piracy on the Internet have coaxed Google and other large search providers into modifying their search results so that websites that clearly host pirated/copyrighted music and movies removed these results from their search engines.

The debate over what should and should not be on the Internet and available is forever going. Production companies are constantly trying to combat their products being posted on the Internet and in recent years have been more and more successful getting their content removed.

USC the school that posted the report plans to continue to report its finding monthly to help protect the music and film industries by trying to get these search providers to cut funding to all of the pirating organizations.

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