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Microsoft Kills Facebook

Microsoft is forced to shut down Facebook integration. There is trouble in the vast sea of 1's and 0's. Due to an update recently released by Facebook for their Graph API, Microsoft was forced to shut down all of its Facebook-related Connect features. According to Microsoft's support page: "Facebook has made an update to their Graph API…

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Facebook To Support PGP Encryption

Facebook will now support GPG encryption, which is a variant of OpenPGP encryption, in all email correspondence with customers. This provides end-to-end encryption for security-conscious individuals. However, this may not be for everyone as it requires some knowledge of the actual implementation of the encryption process, including how to obtain a PGP key. To obtain one, each party…

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Facebook Frees Their Internet Drone

Facebook’s efforts to spread Internet connectivity to nearly every person on the globe will get off the ground this summer. A new report from The Wall Street Journal indicates that Facebook’s prototype drone, Aquila, will be much larger than the one-tenth-scale drone that the company tested last year. The full-size model will have the wingspan of…

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