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Apple Shopping Around

Many people regard Apple as one of the best hardware developers ever, but what those people do not realize is that Apple gets a large amount of their technology from other vendors. Apple, in recent months, has begun shopping around it would seem for new chip developers and even toying with the possibility of designing and manufacturing their own chips.

Apple was looking into the possibility of replacing the Intel A6 chips that they currently use from Intel with chips made on ARM architecture instead of Intels x86 architecture. Doing this would allow Apple more control over how its chips operate and what they can do.

Apple also was hit off guard by Samsung who also makes processors for them with a large price hike. Samsung told Apple that they are going to start charging them 20% more per processor than in previous years. Apple had no choice but to accept the price hike as their devices are currently designed to take this processor so they can’t easily switch.

With the benefits of switching to their own manufacture processors it’s no surprise that Apple may soon be manufacturing their own processors rather than relying on competition to make processors for their devices.

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