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NFC Gets Cool with Samsung’s TecTiles

Samsung has released TecTiles which can help make your life much simpler. These TecTiles are available in a 5-pack for $15.00. First these tiles interact with your phone using Near-Field communication or NFC. NFC is a wireless technology that is more secure then previous wireless communications such as Bluetooth.  NFC has been gaining popularity as a way to communicate securely with other devices and even make payments.

Basically you can program these TecTiles and stick them just about anywhere. Some great ways to use the TecTiles would be to program one and stick it next to your bed. When you go to sleep at night you can tap your phone on the TecTile and it could quiet your phone, disable WiFi or Bluetooth to save battery, and even turn on your alarm for the morning. Another example would be to stick one in your car so that you can just tap your phone on the TecTile and it will turn on Bluetooth and prepare itself for hands-free access. Companies such as movies theaters could install them so that people could simply tap there phone and it would silent your phone and also have the ability to update your social feeds with your location.