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AT&T Attracts Protesters By Sharing Secrets With NSA

The Day We Fight Back protesters in San Francisco gathered in front of the AT&T building for another protest and to give a retired AT&T technician another chance to have his story heard.

In 1996 Klein stole documents that showed that the NSA was collecting data directly from AT&T’s lines and from within AT&T’s own building. As about 200 people were gathered around Klein giving his speech he stated, “I was wiring the big brother machine which pissed me off.”

ПечатьAT&T attracts protesters by sharing secrets with NSA

Klein is speaking on behalf of the movement “The Day We Fight Back.” On this day over 80,000 phone calls and almost 160,000 emails were sent to representatives in Congress to protest the NSA’s information gathering tactics.

AT&T stands by their statement that they, “Do not allow any government agency to connect directly to our network.” Whether this is true or delicately worded to not be a complete lie is unknown.

Protesters joined in song, singing “Every Breath You Take” while projecting the music video directly onto AT&T’s building that housed the infamous 641A room that only NSA approved employees are allowed to enter.

Klein took the documents that proved that AT&T is cooperating with the NSA and giving them direct access to copies of everything that has went through AT&T’s subscriber lines. Klein took these documents to the Electronic Frontier Foundation which used the documents in a law suit against AT&T stating that they violated the federal wiretapping laws by cooperating with the NSA.

This story did not catch nearly the attention as Edward Snowden and this is because AT&T’s documents were stolen and used instead of the government’s documents. This does not infringe on national security.

(Image Source: iCLIPART)