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AVG Rescue CD

There are a lot of great Anti-Virus programs out there that help to keep your computer safe from viruses, but what happens when it just isn’t enough and your computer is now infected with tons of Trojans and you can’t use it. Well that’s when you would use a Rescue CD, and the free AVG Rescue CD would be your best bet. The AVG Rescue CD comes as an ISO Image that can be burned to a disc or you can download a compressed version that can be installed on to a bootable flash drive. Then you would boot the computer from the CD or Flash Drive, which ever you prefer.

Once you decide on how you want to boot the program up you will see a menu like the one I have below, from here you can simply scan for viruses, edit files, and even edit the registry.

The AVG Rescue CD is free to download directly from AVG’s website at This is a great tool for any IT Professional and something you should add to your tool kit. If you have any problems installing the AVG Rescue CD you can find a complete walk through on AVG’s website. They even have video tutorials to walk you through the whole process.