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AVG Upgrades!!! 9.0 Released

Grisoft, the manufacturer of the anti virus software known as AVG has upgraded once again.  As of October 17th, 2009, version 9.0 is released.  AVG being widely known for their network security for enterprise and personal protection, but probably best known as a great FREE antivirus program.  Yes that’s right, they have a free edition for home users, which I would highly recommend if you’re not wanting to pay for the usuals.

Symantec (Norton), McAfee, Panda, as well as many others that you pay a fee for, and really tend to slow the systems down, this is a great alternative to those high prices, memory sucking programs.  With the new release of AVG, they have claimed 50% increase in scan times, as well as a 10-15% increase in boot up times.  So if you’re a home user, looking to try out something new, visit  They recommend you removing all of your previous anti virus/security related softwares before installing.  Installation is a jiff, and takes only a couple minutes, requiring one system restart.  The interface is very user friendly, and easy to navigate through, and the best part is that is is FREE.