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Best Apps For A Busy Life

c612337_mIt’s no secret that life is becoming more connected as time goes on. This applies to all walks of life — from social media, to business calendars, to refrigerators that can tell you what food you need. This is all well and good and it makes life easier to an extent, but there is always a downside. “There’s an app for that,” can only get you so far. Ask yourself: how many apps do you have on your phone? How many do you actually use? Are there apps out there that can make life easier and not add to the sensory overload of everyday life?

I have seen the most pointless apps on devices that serve no purpose whatsoever except only to take up memory and CPU usage. I have also seen the most useful apps that I don’t know what I’d do without. Typically, your phone will come with essential applications which are useful, but they are basic, lacking in options, and not very aesthetically pleasing.

Here are a few apps which make my own life easier and fully integrate into all my other devices:

1.  PocketHow many times have you come across an article that really interests you, but you just don’t have the time to read it? Pocket offers a solution to save all your unread and read articles, no matter what site it’s from. When I get the time, I just open Pocket for a list of all the articles that interested me. It even suggests articles for future reads, based on what you save. This is a great tool.

2.  Google Photos To not utilize Google Photos is like not utilizing toilet paper. It is a must. This wonderful app automatically backs up ALL of your photos, right to Google’s servers, so you never have to save photos to your devices, and you have a timeline of hundreds or thousands of pictures — depending on how ‘selfie-happy’ you get.

3.  Google KeepAgain, Google gets another gold star for this handy app. This app is kind of like the ‘Notes’ or ‘Notepad’ or ‘Memo’ apps on your phone. However, this app organizes better, looks better, and you can create checklists, AND since they are a part of your Google account, these little notes sync up with ALL your connected devices. You can also share files or documents with others, which is handy for things like making household grocery list that can be edited or viewed by any housemate. How cool is that?

(Image Source: iCLIPART)