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Systems That Are Not Booting

Having a workstation that will not boot can be one of the most aggravating and scariest problems to run across if you’re using your computer for business. In most cases we can recover your data which is another topic all together, but, what if it’s your mission critical server that goes down, then what?

If your server was to go down chances are that’s where your holding all your data because that’s what you were told to do by a Technology company (Like us). Having a server can greatly improve productivity but if they go down to the average user it can be a nightmare. This is why you really want someone that knows what they are doing working on your server. There are methods that can be done to attempt to recover a server from a failure WITHOUT having to reinstall the operating system. These methods can save you thousands of dollars in repair time by preventing the need to reinstall: The operating system, drivers, updates, industry specific software, printers and networking configurations, etc.,  and that doesn’t even take into account the cost of the time to try to recover the data from the server.

Yes, there are times that there is nothing you can do but bite the bullet and redo the server entirely but with a good plan of attack this nightmare can be avoided. The most important thing when having server issues is do NOT under any circumstances try to correct a problem unless you know exactly what the repercussions of your actions maybe…and when unsure, call us and we can get your issues taken care of at the least possible cost to you and the least possible downtime.