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Bing gets overhauled

Bing is getting redesigned with a new logo that will be in-line with the other Microsoft products. This will help to standardize their logos as well as their service. They have done a lot with the new implantations at

They have developed device detection at to determine which type of device is browsing the web page and offer a different but similar experience based on which device that you have.

The new design is supposed to be faster and easier to use while looking simple and elegant. It will give everyone a better search experience no matter what device you are using.

The searches will include factual data about the subject and if it is a hot social topic such as a celebrity it will contain social information about this person as well.

Microsoft is introducing what they call page zero. It looks to be what’s auto completion does. They say that while typing you will more than likely have the answer to your search results or at least the search query that should be used.

There are some new features that Google does not have that also look incredible. You can search a flight and check the status, make reservations or check in for your flight right from’s search page.

It will be interesting to see what they come up with next to add on. I am hoping for event ticket purchases without having to navigate to the web pages to purchase them.