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No more handling money for PayPal users

Paypal is bringing a new app to the market called Beacon. This app will allow you to pay for goods simply by walking into a store. Recently people have been tapping their card to pay instead of swiping. Some people only need to pull out there phone to complete a transaction. Soon even this will be a thing of the past, a mere stepping stone to the true death of cash.

PayPal will offer a Blue-tooth low-energy adapter available to companies that would like to offer this service to there customers. Consumers will then be able to set these stores up in PayPal to automatically pay so you do not even have to pull out your phone. You can also set it to prompt you for verification before allowing the transaction to go through.

PayPal states that no customers will be tracked through this application, and furthermore no data will be transferred to PayPal unless you check-in at a store. Once you check-in to verify that you are actually there, you will be able to make as many hand-free purchases as your bank account can handle. Unfortunately this technology will not be available until next year, and after that you will have to wait for businesses around you to integrate this payment system into their existing infrastructure.