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Blackberry Back in the Game

Blackberry, just the name alone is enough to make many people sick to their stomach. Research in Motion has been working on a new smart phone for the last few years to try and compete in the vastly changed cell phone market. Since Blackberry first came out with their “smart” phones the market has changed a lot. Blackberry was once known as one of the best cell phone makers but in recent years has quickly faded out due to their dated software and lack of innovation.

RIM says that January 30, 2013 is going to be the day they make a comeback. RIM is banking on a newly developed phone design that much more closely resembles today’s smart phones. Their new design is to have an App store similar to Android and Apple.

The major problem that Blackberry will still face is the fact that Android and Apple both have very well developed App stores and available content so it will be a challenge for them to pull users away from that. It will also be difficult to convince current users that are looking to get away that the new Blackberry’s will be worth getting since they do not have a developed App market or content at this point. Also since the market share for RIM is so small it isn’t really beneficial for App developers to develop for Blackberry’s.

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